Permanent Selection

We understand the need to attract and retain the best talent. The pursuit of long-term employees has never been more critical to the future stability of our clients. For this reason, we have consultants who focus on – and truly understand – permanent recruitment.

We take the time to build lasting relationships with our clients, to understand their culture and to properly represent them. We don’t begin work on a permanent vacancy until we are totally confident that we can make a strong representation of the opportunity to potential candidates.


Understanding Permanent Selection

In an industry where the best talent is hard to find, our business has always been about detail. Our permanent consultants perform the following;

  • A detailed understanding of our client’s requirement. We don’t just read the job specification – we speak to you. We understand it. Our qualification process allows us to see beyond the bullet points and uncover the details that make every vacancy unique
  • An intimate understanding of our client’s business. Briefing a potential candidate on the job is just one part of the process. Being able to speak passionately and confidently about why their career prospects are better off working for you ensures commitment and enthusiasm from the start
  • A high level of screening. Picking the serious career movers from the ‘window shoppers’ allows us to represent the right candidates. Furthermore, we need to be absolutely sure that anyone we present our clients can absolutely do the job.
  • Consultation throughout the process: Our consultants are qualified to advise both client and candidate through every stage of the interview lifecycle. From initial briefing to offer management.


Guaranteeing Our Work

We are confident that our selection process will ensure our clients are only presented with committed and suitable candidates. We accept that this cannot be 100% fool proof; we are dealing with people – circumstances can change. To ensure total confidence, we offer our clients a 12 week guarantee for permanent placements, offering total piece of mind.

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